The Parents League – 反起跑线联盟

The Parents League
This drama “The Parents League – 反起跑线联盟” is about what is the best for children? A stress-free environment or a live-happily-ever-after life? A well-planned head-start or an all-rounded ability? Life is a race, and the kindergarten is the first battlefield! 

With the support of her husband, Armand, Nora resigns from work and devotes herself to taking care of their daughter Yoyo who cannot adapt well to kindergarten life.

Yoyo is greatly improved after transferring to Joyful Kindergarten which implements a stress-free education policy by Principal Kong. Meanwhile, Nora tries her best to be an ideal mother with the helping hand from Venus. Good times don’t last long however, another force is formed by a rich parent Charles who pressures the school to improve its competitiveness. Nora unites the parents who share the same beliefs and forms the “Anti-cramming Alliance”, which aims to resolutely maintain a friendly learning environment for their children!

望子成龙,个个父母都话要赢在起跑线,一出世就学晒全世界语言,参加晒所有兴趣班,咁先可以加强竞争,唔会落段于人?   唔想做怪兽家长?一于组成“反起跑线联盟”,大家CHILL住成长,无压力咁长大成人!讲就容易!但由 梁咏琪 、潘灿良 、 周家怡 、强尼、 娟姐 、 肥仔 、李炘颐 呢班家长同大人讲到出口,又係咪会口不对心,点都偷偷帮小朋友报返个兴趣班:“最多?学下乐器?真係好基本咋嘛?”咁呢?

(Source: TV Drama List – The Parents League)

Other Names: 反起跑線聯盟, Anti-Starting Line Alliance
Release Date: 21 March 2022 – 08 April 2022
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Family, TV Series, HK Drama
Running Time: 15 Episodes
Director: Benny Lau (刘伟恒)

Stars Cast
Gigi Leung (梁咏琪) 张诺雅 (Nora / 陈雪瑶之母)
Catherine Chau (周家怡) 刘家琪 (Venus / Billy之母)
Poon Chan Leung (潘灿良) 李铭基 (Charles、李生、老土基 / 李子聪之父)
Johnny Hui (强尼) Armand Chan (陈雪瑶之父 / 张诺雅之夫)
Ben Yuen (袁富华) 孔仲邱 (乐悠悠幼稚园校长 / 注册中医师)
Shirley Chan (陈欣妍) Pamela (杨太 / 早婚妈妈)
Locker Lam (林家熙) 杨飞 (早婚爸爸 / Pamela之夫)
Florica Lin (练美娟) 罗白嫣芬 (罗太, 罗大福之妻)
Leung Yip (梁业) 罗大福 (罗白嫣芬之夫, 罗有为之父)
Kaki Sham (岑珈其) Johnny (李铭基之下属)
Alina Lee (李炘颐) Miss Li (乐悠悠幼稚园老师)
Kendy Cheung (张敬仁) Miss Cheung (乐悠悠幼稚园老师)

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