Brutally Young 2 – 十八年后的终极告白2.0

Brutally Young 2

This drama “Brutally Young 2 – 十八年后的终极告白2.0” is about for more than a decade, painter Yiu Sheung-him (Shaun Tam) has not much luck until gallery boss Fong Chi-ho (Joel Chan) and his wife Sung Wai-kei (Candice Chiu) discovered an old painting they believe was painted by Sheung-him, 18 years ago. The couple decide to help him to become famous, but Sheung-him isn’t delighted with their help because this piece was actually painted by his student, Shum Yuet (Katy Kung). Out of desperation, Sheung-him plays along, but soon begins to sink into a web of lies. Shum Yuet (Katy Kung), who used to be Sheung-him’s favorite student, starts to hang out with Sheung-him again with ulterior motives. A mysterious homicide, involving Sheung-him’s wife Chong Yui-ting (Zoie Tam), are they able to solve this mystery together?
(Source: TV Drama List – Brutally Young 2) Other Names: 十八年後的終極告白2.0 Release Date: 30 May 2022 – 24 June 2022 Language: Cantonese Genre: Thriller, TV Series, HK Drama Running Time: 20 Episodes Director: Simon Wong (王伟仁)

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